Japan Polysilicon Market Outlook to 2018 - Driven by Rising Solar Power Capacity

on Wednesday, 11 June 2014
ResearchMoz.us include new market research report " Japan Polysilicon Market Outlook to 2018: Industry Size, Shares, Growth, Analysis, Trends And Forecast" to its huge collection of research reports.

The report titled “Japan Polysilicon Market Outlook to 2018- Driven by Rising Solar Power Capacity” presents a comprehensive analysis of the industry covering aspects including market size by revenue, by production & demand volume and market segmentation by types of grades of polysilicon available and by the different end user industries of polysilicon (solar industry and semiconductor industry). The report also entails a detailed description on the recent trends and developments in the market and company profile of major players in the industry along with future projections of the Polysilicon Market in Japan.

Polysilicon is the most important raw material in the production of solar cells and related products.  Nearly, 90% of the demand for polysilicon comes from the production of photovoltaic solar cells. One of the major reasons for a steady growth in this market over the last couple of years has been the government policies and schemes put in place which has helped in curbing the problem of oversupply in the Japan Polysilicon Market.

The Japan Polysilicon market has been growing at a negative CAGR of 4.6% from 2008 to 2013 in terms of revenue. The revenue generated by the polysilicon market in Japan has decreased from USD ~ million in 2008 to USD ~ million in 2013. The major reason responsible for a negative growth rate especially during 2010-2013 has been the problem of oversupply posing a challenge to the polysilicon manufacturers in the market. On the other hand the demand and production volume of polysilicon also picked up pace in the last few years. This was majorly on account of the manufacturers expanding their production capacity in order to cater to the growing demand.

The polysilicon market in Japan has been growing at a steady rate in the past few years on account of effective government schemes and policies being employed. Feed in Tariff and a cap on the production of polysilicon by the manufacturers have been the most important policies, which have majorly contributed to restore the demand supply balance in the market. The increasing solar PV demand and the overall price level of polysilicon will also play a major role in getting the polysilicon market in Japan back on the growth track.

The revenue generated by the Japan polysilicon industry is projected to reach USD ~ million by 2018 from USD ~ million in 2013, growing at a CAGR of nearly 5.3% during the period. The increase in the revenues will be on account of implementation of the various schemes and policies by the government related to renewable energy in the country coupled with increasing Solar PV demand which would lead to the rise in the demand for polysilicon in Japan.

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Key Topics Covered in the report:
  • Market Size of Japan Polysilicon Market by Revenue, 2008-2013
  • Market Size of Japan Polysilicon Market by Production and Demand Volume, 2008-2013
  • Market Segmentation of Japan Polysilicon Market by Types Grades of Polysilicon, 2013
  • Market Segmentation of Japan Polysilicon Market by Different End User Industries, 2011-2013
  • Trends and Developments in Japan Polysilicon Market
  • Growth Drivers of Japan Polysilicon Market
  • Market Share of Major Companies in Japan Polysilicon Market
  • Company Profiles of Major Players in Japan Polysilicon Market
  • Comparative Analysis of Japan Polysilicon Market With Developed Economies
  • Government Regulations in the Japan Polysilicon Market
  • Future Outlook and Projections in in Japan Polysilicon Market, 2014-2018

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