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The increasing urbanisation and rising income levels, have led Chinese consumers to shift their diet that was traditionally centred around grains and vegetables to focus on meats. The country has been witnessing steady growth in beef consumption over the last few years, moving away from the custom of reserving the consumption of beef for special occasions.

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The domestic beef production is unable to meet the growing demand, making it imperative for the country to allow significant increase in imports to cover the supply gap. The country is steadily increasing the number of trade partners that can supply beef to fulfil the rising Chinese demand. China consumes approximately 5.6 million tons of beef a year. The per capita beef consumption is 4-5 kgs which is a fifth of the global average. Although pork (accounting for 65% of meat consumption) and poultry (accounting for 22% of meat consumption) still remain staples for the Chinese, they are now looking for higher quality meat owing to a string of food safety scandals in the country. Global suppliers are viewing China’s beef sector as a huge opportunity.

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The report 'Assessment of China’s Beef Market” highlights key drivers of and trends emerging in China’s beef market. The current market scenario and future prospects of the sector has also been examined. Opportunity in the sector for international players has also been dwelt upon. The report contains latest industry leaders verbatim.

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Research Insights has conducted in depth secondary research to arrive at key insights. Data collected from various industry sources has been analyzed impartially to present a clear picture of the industry. All recent developments which impact the sector dynamics have been captured and used to support the research hypothesis. The report is available as single-site single-user license. The delivery time for the electronic version of the report is 5 business days as each copy undergoes thorough quality check and is updated with the most recent information available. The delivery time for hard copies is approximately 8 business days, as each hard copy is custom printed for the client.

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