Power Generation Construction Projects in the Middle East and Africa - New Industry Trends and Project Insights report

on Thursday, 12 March 2015
ResearchMoz.us include new market research report " Power Generation Construction Industry Projects in the Middle East and Africa: Market Size, Shares, Growth, Analysis, Trends And Forecast" to its huge collection of research reports.

Construction activity in the Middle East and Africa is growing at a rapid pace, underpinned by public and private investment in infrastructure developments, particularly in power generation. This report details the investment in large-scale power generation projects in the region. The analysis centers on the projects tracked by Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Center (CIC).

The projects are at various stages of development, from announced to execution, and are in the 10 categories: biomass, coal, gas, geothermal, hydroelectric, nuclear, ocean, oil, solar and wind.

The total value of the region’s power generation projects tracked by the CIC stood at US$717 billion in 21 countries as of January 2015, with these projects adding a planned power generation capacity of over 378 GW. The average power yield across all the 508 projects analyzed is 0.53 MW per US$ million.

Key highlights:-

CIC Projects analysis shows that power generation projects for the 21 countries is estimated to be US$717 billion. Nuclear power projects dominate the market with a total value of almost US$183 billion on the CIC Projects database. Gas projects is the next largest sector with a value of US$142and solar energy accounts for US$121.6 billion. Over 75% of projects were at the pre-execution phase when the analysed. Saudi Arabia is the leading country for value of projects accounting for US$149 billion followed by South Africa with projects valued at US$118 billion and Nigeria with almost US$95 billion. Saudi Arabia leads with nuclear energy valued at US$100 billion based on a planned mega project with Nigeria ahead in the categories of gas, solar energy and biomass projects. DR Congo leads a number of African countries with hydroelectric schemes worth US$11.2 billion. Oil powered projects are led by the largest oil producer in the region Saudi Arabia with projects valued at US$24 billion. Wind power and coal power projects are led by South Africa. Africa leads with geothermal projects with Kenya undertaking or planning projects valued at US$9.4 billion. Ocean power projects are in last place with schemes planned in Ghana and Kenya.

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Providing insight into main drivers of activity and forecasts, providing an understanding of key trends, analysis of main project participants by value by sector enabling clients to target products and services for each type of project. Analysis of main projects participants by value by sector enabling clients to target products and services for each type of project. Providing top projects data for types of power generation projects with location, value, MW capacity, stage and start date.

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