Cigars and Cigarillos Market in Belgium, France and Denmark

on Thursday, 4 September 2014 include new market research report " Cigars and Cigarillos Market in Belgium, France and Denmark: Industry Size, Shares, Growth, Analysis, Trends And Forecast" to its huge collection of research reports.

Cigars and Cigarillos is a new report that focuses on the extent to which Belgian, French and Danish Cigars and Cigarillos market has evolved during the last eighteen years in line with changing smoking habits, the competitive environment and economic developments, as well as analyzing the implications market realignments have had on top multinational companies.

Key Findings in Belgium: 
  • Cigar and cigarillo consumption in Belgium and Luxembourg is in steady decline and was down to 396.0 million pieces in 2013.
  • Consumption is 41.2% below 1990 levels and is expected to continue to decline despite some evidence of stability during 2014. Per capita consumption stands at 36.13 pieces/year and has fallen from 65.02 pieces in 1990.
  • Belgium is the larger of the two markets with sales of 344 million pieces in 2013. This is down 36.8% on 2006 levels. Luxembourg is a much smaller market with sale of 52 million pieces in 2013 but down only 8.8% on their level in 2006.
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Key Findings in France: 
  • France remains a large market for cigars and cigarillos with sales of around 1.42 billion pieces in 2013. Although 4.2% down on 2012 it is only 3.5% down on 1990 despite nine years of consecutive declines. Nevertheless, sales are now almost 25% lower than the recent peak attained in 2004 when market volume reached 1.89 billion pieces.
  • The cigar sector currently accounts for some 2.4% of the tobacco products market by volume, up from1.4% in 1990 and per capita consumption, at 21.6 pieces a year, is relatively high by international standards.
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Key Findings in Denmark: 
  • Denmark has long been an established market for cigar products despite consumption being in almost continuous decline until very recently. Indeed, after successive annual falls between 1990 and 2010, the market has been expanding since 2011 and grew by 25.9% in 2012 and by 41.1% in 2013, boosted by value cigarillo sales.
  • Despite this, market volume is currently 63.8% below the level it was at the start of the 1990s, having fallen from 328 million pieces in 1990 to 118.7 million pieces in 2013. Per capita consumption has fallen from 63.8 pieces/year, to 21.3 pieces over the same period.
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