Juice Market in India 2014: Latest Industry Research and Analysis report

on Monday, 22 December 2014
ResearchMoz.us include new market research report " Juice Market in India 2014: Market Size, Shares, Growth, Analysis, Trends And Forecast" to its huge collection of research reports.

Fruit beverage can be categorized into juice, drinks and nectar based on the pulp content. Non-packaged fruit juices are already popular in India but recently packaged juice market has witnessed a huge growth. Indians have started preferring juices over carbonated drinks. The main reason may be negative publicity campaign against soft drink manufacturers regarding the ingredients found in their products.

People consider packaged fruit juices hygienic as these drinks come in sealed packs. Packaged juices are costlier than non-packaged juices but that is not a major challenge for the juice manufacturers, as disposable income in India is on the rise. The major challenge faced by juice manufacturers in India is the reluctance of the farmers to grow fruits; price volatility of fruits and lack of storage facilities are the main reasons for the same.

The emerging concept of juice bars in India is making juice more popular in India. The ever-growing fitness trend has popularized the concept in India. Every company is trying to introduce new and unique flavors in the market and they are also working on different strategies to make their products more popular. A number of companies are trying to capture the untapped market aimed at children. Rural market in India has a huge growth potential.

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Few years back there was an absence of branded players in the market but now with more choice Indian consumers have become much more brand conscious. Private label juice brands will have more opportunity as the government has announced FDI in multi-brand retail. Current trends suggest that the domestic players are competing well with the multinational companies. Entry of smaller brands is a very good sign for the overall juice market in India.

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