Wearable Technology in Industry Verticals 2014 - 2019: Market Analysis and Growth report by ResearchMoz

on Wednesday, 19 November 2014
ResearchMoz.us include new market research report " Wearable Technology in Industry Verticals 2014 - 2019: Global Market Size, Shares, Growth, Analysis, Trends And Forecast" to its huge collection of research reports.

This marketplace will initially be driven by practical solutions for healthcare, consumer wearables, and military applications. Despite the uncertainty of consumer receptivity, Mind Commerce estimates that global spending on wearable devices will grow from $9 billion in 2014 to reach $218 billion in 2019.

We see several factors converging to facilitate wearable technology integration including expanded wireless capacity due to pervasive wireless (WiFi, WiMAX, and LTE), cellular market saturation and the need for wireless companies to establish new revenue streams, continuously decreasing cost of data, and the significant backing from huge companies including Google, Apple, and others. We also see developments in key technologies such as Augmented Reality, Body Area Networks, Ambient Awareness, and Peer-to-Peer Communications as drivers for evolution in consumer perception of value and willingness to engage in new forms of communications, content, applications, and commerce.

Wearable technology presents the potential for massive transformation in many industries. The more obvious ones include consumer electronics and communications. Early adopter industries include clothing, healthcare, sports and fitness. However, we see many industries adopting wearable technologies as computing and wireless communications integrate wearable into virtually every aspect of products and services.

Wearable Technology in Industry Verticals 2014 – 2019 evaluates the wearable technology marketplace with emphasis on drivers and adoption within various industry verticals including consumer electronics, gaming and entertainment, clothing, sports and fitness, healthcare, industrial and enterprise, and the military. The report evaluates market players, market potential and presents forecasts through 2019 for wearable technology adoption and revenue.

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Target Audience:
  • Augmented reality companies
  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • Wireless infrastructure providers
  • Consumer electronics companies
  • Wearable technology developers
  • Embedded computing companies
  • Regulatory bodies and governments
  • Wireless service providers of all types
  • Military, law enforcement, and public safety
  • Mobile marketing and commerce companies
Report Benefits:
  • Wearable technology forecasts
  • Wearable wireless and computing analysis
  • Understand the impact of wearable technology
  • Identify key issues and constraints to market growth
  • Identify industry players, market positioning, and solutions
  • Understand the role of Body Area Networks (BAN) relative to wearable tech
  • Understand the relationship between wearable technology and communications
  • Identify the market potential for wearable technology in various industry sectors
  • Specific recommendations for various industry constituents including: industry sectors, consumer electronics providers, wireless service companies, embedded computing, augmented reality, regulatory bodies and government organizations

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