China Swine Fever Vaccine Industry 2014-2018: Market Size, Trends and Forecast Report

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China is the world's largest producer and consumer of pork with the output volume accounting nearly 50% of the total. The output volume of pork was 54.93 million tons in China in 2013, up by 2.8% YOY. The livestock volume of pigs was 474.11 million, down by 0.4% YOY while the stock volume of fattened pigs was 715.57 million, up by 2.5% YOY.

Swine fever is considered a highly infectious disease that needs strict prevention, control and extermination. The swine fever vaccine is one of the necessary vaccines for pigs. Due to the mature technology of swine fever vaccines in China, most large-scale pig farms choose domestic vaccines instead of imported vaccines. There are 48 manufacturers of spleen neisseria vaccines and cell vaccines in China, including 32 for the former and 41 for the latter. Passaging cell vaccines used to be produced by Guangdong Winsun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Through technology transfer, Dahuanong and Liaoning Yikang Biology Co.,Ltd. began to produce the products while Guangdong Winsun still leads in the industry.

According to the National Compulsory Immunization Plan of Animal Epidemic Diseases in China in 2013 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of China, China implements compulsory immunity on four animal epidemic diseases including swine fever while the expenses on the vaccines are undertaken by the government.

With the increasing living standards of Chinese people, the demand for poultry meat keeps growing accordingly. However, as swine fever repeatedly occurs in China, either regional outbreak or scattered transmission, most of the cases are acute epidemic situations with high mortality rate. Meanwhile, some features of mild diseases add to the complexity of the swine fever epidemic situation. Under the circumstances, swine fever vaccines become increasingly popular while many competitive vaccine manufacturers began to develop more effective swine fever vaccines.

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Through this report, the readers can acquire the following information:
  • Incidence Status of Swine Fever
  • Status of China Breeding Industry
  • Policy Environment and Government Procurement of Swine Fever Vaccines in China
  • Status of Supply and Demand for Swine Fever Vaccines in China
  • Major Manufacturers of Swine Fever Vaccines and the Operation Status in China
  • Prospect of China Swine Fever Vaccine Industry

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