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Hemodialysis (also HD) is one of the replace therapy for patients with acute and chronic renal failure. There are globally 2.2 million uremia patients (end stage renal disease, ESRD) receiving dialysis treatment, including over 89% of them receiving hemodialysis. As the cost of hemodialysis is high, most dialysis patients are concentrated in developed regions like Europe and the U.S. The dialysis patients are fewer in developing countries but increases rapidly.  

In recent years, the growth rate of dialysis patients in China, India and Brazil remains above 15%, much higher than 3%-5% in Europe and the U.S. Meanwhile, the proportion of ESRD patients that receive dialysis treatment is only 10%-20% in developing countries, much lower than 80% in Europe and the U.S.A. 

As Chinese economy develops with increasing income per capita and payment ability of hemodialysis patients, the industry will develop rapidly in the future. The costs of hemodialysis consist of instruments, drugs and services with the proportions of 45%, 25% and 30% respectively. Hemodialysis instruments include dialysis machines, dialyzer and dialysis pipelines. Dialyzers are core supplies with high technical barriers and account for the largest market shares. The market size in China exceeds CNY 5 billion while the domestic market share is approximately 30%. More domestic products become substitutes of imports. The dialysis machine market is dominated by foreign-funded brands, which belong to one-time investment in the earlier stage. Conventional medicines of hemodialysis include EPO and heparin, which are basically domestically produced. Service costs include costs of bed and health care labors. The three major operation modes of domestic private hemodialysis centers include independent hemodialysis centers, cooperation with hospitals and investment in instruments. 

The market size of Chinese hemodialysis market exceeded CNY 20 billion in China in 2013 with the annual growth rate of 20%-30%. Instruments, drugs and services are three major factors of the hemodialysis market, also the three entry points of the industry chain. 

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  • Status of Hemodialysis Market in China
  • Economic Environment and Policy Environment for China Hemodialysis Market
  • Major Suppliers of Equipment and Consumables in China Hemodialysis Market
  • Competition Status of China Hemodialysis Market
  • Driving Factors for Development of China Hemodialysis Market
  • Forecast on Development of China Hemodialysis Market

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